obsession by lauren nassef on Flickr.
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photographed by martin vallin for narcisse magazine.
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Jenny Holzer
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Comme des Garçons SHIRT by Massimo Gammacurta
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Shoes by Filippa Borenius:
"The basis for the inspiration lies in the Gothic church towers and nature decons hard metal structures in contrast to the fragile tip, which visualizes wedding romance and kyrkfönsternas dramatic natural light. In cooperation with Kerstin Larsson f15"
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leslie shows | black iceberg no.1
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Photo Luigi V
Dust Magazine
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Thomas Müller - Untitled, 2012, pencil, ink, acrylic paint on Fabriano paper, 196 x 140cm
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Kris Van Assche FW 2011
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Opaque  by  andbamnan